Who We Are

Innovar is an operational improvement firm focused on helping clients drive costs out of their business, enhance revenue streams and improve the overall customer experience they deliver. 

We specialize in identifying, designing and implementing changes to processes and systems that will dramatically improve the performance of critical business operations.

These operational improvements directly result in enhanced financial performance.

Our Solutions

We specialize in delivering significant operational improvement within the Ad Ops industry. Our experts have a balanced approach to reducing costs, increasing revenue and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Our process optimization framework allows you to quickly identify gaps (opportunities) between current state operations and future state goals. We help you eliminate operational distractions and quickly turn improvement opportunities into results.

Innovar provides Project Leadership and execution discipline to deliver complex and top priority initiatives. Our Leadership-focused approach allows us to navigate past the typical stumbling blocks encountered when leveraging a pure academic or text book approach.

Our Products


InnCreative processes Ad Copy Instructions in a single solution. From simple instructions to complex rotations with multiple pieces of copy, InnCreative saves time and improves Ad Copy quality.


InnVision is an inventory insight and dynamic pricing solution specifically developed for maximizing the value of advertising inventory.


InnTouch is a powerful Converged Media Management solution providing automated processing for required media and flexible integration for operational processes.


InnVue provides buy and sell-side automation for key interactions including Pre-buy, Creative Instructions, Media Distribution and more.

Our Leadership Team

Amanda Neading
Client Services Manager
Ann-Marie Dougherty
Delivery Lead
Bari Rothschild
Delivery Lead
Ruben Salazar
Delivery Lead
Michelle Arendt
Delivery Lead
John Gozberk
Delivery Lead
Brian Boone
Delivery Lead
William Yiu
Lead Architect

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